Online Resources

Excellent example in Spanish on how to encourage reading a work of literature, practising the language and bringing in new media. Well done!

Film in Language Teaching Association. This is a social space for educators and researchers interested in using film for teaching languages.

FLAME, Research centre
This is the blog from FLAME – Film, Language and Media in Education.

How to read in a foreign language
A testimony about reading in a foreign language, with some useful tips.

Blog: Lengua y Literatura
For those teaching Spanish as a foreign language, this blog provides resources to link language and literature. It is called ‘Lengua y Literatura’. Enjoy!

11 tips and tricks to make yourself read more
A fun approach to the development of reading habits.

Creative use of Poetry in the MFL
This is a very useful powerpoint presentation by Suzi Bewell with practical suggestions.

Association for Language Learning wiki to support learning languages through literary texts
This website provides advice on how to incorporate literature in the foreign language class following recent curriculum changes.

BritLit project
Using literature in EFL classrooms: resources for teachers and students available on the British Council TeachingEnglish website.